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The 21/90 Rule for Lifestyle Change

Do you want to fulfill a body transformation?

Start by defining clear and achievable goals, setting small and short term goals will help you get to your long term goal of a body transformation. Have a clear direction on where you want to go and we will keep you motivated and focused.

The 21/90 day rule is a method of doing/saying/being something for 21 days, to make your 'something' become a habit. What habit do you do on a daily basis to reach your fitness goals? Get in the habit of eating fresh meals, getting more active, a positive mindset, sleeping more for recovery! Write these daily goals down and stick them somewhere where you see them everyday!

And If you're consistent for 90 days then it'll change your lifestyle, just make sure the things you're going to do in the next 90 days period needs to be a progressive work that makes changes in your life and make it more better then before

It’s really hard for people to not focus on the scale. It’s an easy number to follow and measure. Except we actually can’t directly control it. We can only indirectly control it with behaviors. So maybe instead of making a weight your primary goal, why not pick the behaviors that will affect the scale? This is behavior versus outcome goal choosing.⠀

Follow this rule to change yourself and your lifestyle to conquer your body transformation!

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