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At Dales NutriFitness, there’s a plan to suit everybody. Each plan has been carefully constructed to offer the best possible service at the best value. All packages require payment in advance, to show commitment. Regardless of how many times you train per week, as long as you follow Dale’s training principles, he can guarantee to fulfil your endeveaours!

Up to 10 weeks personal training, with one session a week

NO Gym Membership or Joining Fees

More than just personal training

Each Personal Training Package includes:

Customised Training Program

✔ Customised Nutrition Plan

✔ 8 Educational E-books 

✔ 30 New Recipes - Weekly (Ebook)

✔ Personalise Calorie Target 

✔ Body Assessment

✔ Exercise Plan Outside of session

✔ Accountability

✔ Everything Measured, Managed and Coached

✔ Weekly Nutrition Guidance

✔ Weekly Progress Updates with Continual Support and Lifestyle Coaching

✔ Constant Motivation and Support

✔ Weigh ins, Measurement, Body Fat Testing

✔ Private and Friendly Clientele WhatsApp Group

✔ Identify Strength and Weakness

✔ Evaluate Goals

✔ How to Use MyFitnessPal App



1-2-1 Personal Training - £325 for 10 sessions - £32.50hr

Couples Personal Training - £350 for 10 sessions £35hr



1-2-1 Personal Training - £300 for 10 sessions - £30hr

Couples Personal Training - £350 for 10 sessions £35hr


10 Sessions - £325 (Dale)
5 Sessions - £175 (Dale)
10 Sessions - £300 (Megan)
5 Sessions - £160 (Megan)
  • This is the most popular package with 1-2-1 personal training sessions.

  • Payment in advance to show commitment. 

  • We will continue your fitness journey for as long as you want.

  • Location: Bodyflex Gym or Private Setting in Quedgeley



Couples: Personal Training

£350 - £175 per person

(Saving £200)

Trio: Personal Training

£390 - £130 per person

(Saving £225)

Group of 4: Personal Training

£440 - £110 per person

(Saving £250)

Dales NutriFitness offers couples or group training to start or continue your journey to a healthier lifestyle. If you want to train with a friend, family members, a hen party, or a few colleagues Dale will create specific group training sessions for you. The main benefits of training with a friend or part of a small groups are:

  • Share fun activity

  • Healthy competition

  • Shared motivation

  • Shared cost

  • Team building

With Dales NutriFitness, sharing the investment in your health does not mean you’ll receive half the service. Dale will able to design specific training programs for pairs or small groups to meet your individual health and fitness goals.

  • Pay in full or monthly instalments (extra £2.50 p/m)

  • Recurring monthly charge until subscription is cancelled. 

  • We will continue your fitness journey for as long as you want.

  • Location: Bodyflex Gym and Private setting in Quedgeley

Home Training

Hourly Rate £32
45p per Mile from Bodyflex
Total Time Travel  from Bodyflex

1-2-1 and Couples Personal Training



1-2-1 and Couples

Premium Online Personal Training Package 


4 Weeks - £100

Online Personal Training is a new and exciting way to offer fitness coaching and achieve life-changing transformation wherever you are. It can be utilised by anyone, anywhere, offering convenience, responsiveness, flexibility and affordability.


4 Weeks of bespoke training  and nutrition plan, based on an individual's lifestyle and fitness goals while providing weekly personalised coaching videos.

Educational E-books and Recipe Books are included in this package

Online Coaching

Customised Nutrition Plan 



Trying to eat a nutritious diet but still want to enjoy all of the foods you eat? A customised nutrition plan to fit around your liftstyle 

Educational E-books and Recipe Books are included in this package

Nutrition Plan

Dales Nutri-Fitness Reciep Book

Only £4.99

  • 30 New Nutritious and Delicious Recipes Each Week for a Month (PDF)

  • 5 New Commercial Guides Each Month (PDF)

  • Each Recipe are Caloire Counted

  • Recipe Books included in all Personal Training Packages

Dale Ward Oct 20 Asset-page-025.jpg
Dale Ward Oct 20 Asset-page-026.jpg

Educational E-books 

Only £4.99

Educate and knowledge​ for you to start your health and fitness journey

- Introduction 
- Lifestyle Audit 
- Nutrition 
- Understanding Energy Expenditure 
- What are calories? 
- Are all calories created equally? 
- Energy & Nutrient Density 
- Nutritional Considerations 
- Processed Foods 
- Understanding Food Labels 
- The Traffic Light System 
- How Can We Help 
- Caffeine Management 
- Geographical Audit 
- Hydration 
- Eating Out 
- Training 
- Understanding training plans 
- Tracking Progres


Included in all Personal Training Packages 


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