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Top rated 5 star personal training in Gloucester, Dale has achieved a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Exercise, Health and Fitness specialising in Body Transformation, Fitness and Nutrition. Despite Megan's commitment as a full-time teacher, her unwavering passion for health and fitness drives her to assist individuals in achieving their goals through unwavering support, motivation, and accountability.

You have the flexibility to receive training in various settings, including the comfort of your own HOME, the convenience of a non commercial GYM, the privacy of a PRIVATE SETTING, or through ONLINE PLATFORMS.


Step 1

Contact Dales Nutri-Fitness to arrange a FREE in-depth consultation regarding your health and fitness goals.

Step 2

We will book you in for a one-to-one or group free consultation to discuss your current exercise levels, eating habits and your health and fitness goals. You are under no obligation at this stage to sign up for personal training.

Step 3

After an initial free consultation, We will tailor an individual training and nutrition program to meet your health and fitness goal.


Areas of Expertise:

• Complete Body Transformation:

 Achieve a comprehensive transformation of your physique.

• Weight Loss/Fat Loss:

 Attain your weight loss and fat loss goals effectively.

• Strength and Conditioning:

 Enhance your strength and overall conditioning.

• Build Lean Muscle:

 Develop lean muscle mass for a more sculpted physique.

• Mobility and Flexibility:

 Improve your mobility and flexibility for better movement.

 Posture Correction:

 Gain valuable insights and access exercises designed to enhance posture and reduce lower back stress.


 Balance and Stability Training:

 Receive expert recommendations for exercises and training methods aimed at improving balance and stability.

• Core Conditioning:

 Strengthen your core muscles for improved stability and balance.

 Lower Back Pain Relief:

 Discover a range of exercises, stretches, and expert tips specifically tailored to alleviate lower back pain.

• Functional Strength:

 Build functional strength to excel in everyday activities.

 Injury Prevention:

 Access comprehensive information on effective warm-up exercises, stretching routines, and injury prevention techniques to minimize potential risks during physical activity.


• Recovery and Rehabilitation:

 Receive professional guidance, including rehabilitative exercises, to support your recovery process and regain strength and mobility.

• Lifestyle Coach:

 Guide and support you in adopting a healthier lifestyle.

• Nutrition, Supplementation, and Weight Management:

 Expert advice on nutritional strategies, appropriate supplementation, and effective weight management techniques.

• Fitness Classes:

 Lead engaging and effective fitness classes for varied goals.

• Specialized Training Services (Police, Navy, Military):

 Offer specialized training for members of the police, navy, and military.

• Sports Performance/Specific:

 Help you enhance your performance in specific sports activities.

• Emotional Intelligence and Empathy:

 Approach your fitness journey with emotional intelligence and empathy.

• Constant Motivation:

 Keep you motivated and inspired throughout your fitness journey.

• Supportive and Loyal:

 Provide unwavering support and loyalty in your fitness pursuits.

• Focus on Health and Well-being:

 Place a strong emphasis on overall health and well-being.

• Easy-going and Approachable Nature:

 Create a comfortable and friendly environment to make training enjoyable and approachable.

• Boost Confidence and Reduce Stress:

 Strategies and techniques to improve your confidence and reduce stress through exercise, mindfulness, and positive 

If you want to continue to conquer your goals, Dale or Megan will arrange a time and date for your first personal training session.

NO Gym Membership or Joining Fees

Included in Packages


Customised training program:

 A personalised fitness plan based on your goals and fitness level.

 Customised nutrition plan:

 A meal plan tailored to your preferences, goals, and calorie needs.

 8 educational e-books:

 Informative books covering various fitness and nutrition topics.

30 new recipes - weekly (e-book):

 Weekly recipe collections to support your nutrition plan.

 Personalised calorie target:

 A specific calorie goal to meet your objectives.

Body assessment:

 Evaluating weight, body fat percentage, and measurements to track progress.

Exercise plan outside of sessions:

 Additional workouts to do on your own.


 Having someone hold you responsible for progress and adherence.

 Weekly nutrition guidance:

 Regular support for meal planning and healthy eating habits.

Weekly progress updates and lifestyle coaching:

 Ongoing check-ins to review progress and receive support.

Constant motivation and support:

 Encouragement and assistance throughout the program.

 Private WhatsApp group:

 A community space for program participants to connect.

 Identify strengths and weaknesses:

 Assessing areas for improvement and leveraging strengths.

 Evaluate goals:

 Reviewing and refining your health and fitness objectives.

 How to use MyFitnessPal app:

 Guidance on using the app to track nutrition and exercise.


First Personal Training Session

Depending on your health and fitness goal, the first personal training session will usually start with a health assessment and a basic fitness test. We can then measure and monitor your progress throughout your training and identify any areas for improvement. During your first personal training session, various measurements will be taken in order for us to see what strengths and weaknesses you have, and start to design for you a specific training plan to build on your weaknesses. We will give you a nutrition plan and guidelines to help you achieve your health and fitness goal and start living the healthier lifestyle that you have always wanted.

The sessions will then be suited to and tailored around your needs and will focus on the most effective exercises with perfect technique that will help you to achieve your aims and goals. For example, if you want a full body transformation, the training program will consist of cardiovascular exercises, resistance training and flexibility to ensure you burn fat throughout the day, tone up and build lean muscle, and stay mobile, making everyday tasks so much easier. We will coach you, guide you and motivate you to meet your health and fitness needs. No membership or gym contracts. Simply turn up, train and get the results you’ve been looking for!


Bodyflex, Olympus Park, Quedgeley, Gloucester GL2 4NF, United Kingdom

Personal training sessions will take place at a fantastic and quiet facility called Bodyflex in Quedgeley.

It is fully equipped gym with state of the art fitness equipment for u to transform your body and your mind set.

  • Quiet Non-Commercial Gym

  • Full range of gym equipment

  • Two separate friendly weight rooms

  • Cardiovascular machines

  • Resistance machine

  • Free weights area

  • Showers and changing facilities

  • Outdoor facilities

  • Free Car Parking



Outdoors and Mini Garage Studio

Joining the gym can be very daunting, this may mean not achieving your health and fitness goals and not living the lifestyle thats right for your health and wellbeing. With Dales Nutri-Fitness, you can take your personal training sessions outside or in a private room, perfect for beginners. Whether you want to improve your running, simply like the feel of fresh air when exercising, or practince basic exercise movements, we can help. We have boxing gloves, resistance bands, yoga mats, Barbells and Dumbbells or to focus purely around your bodyweight.







Downstairs (Free Weights Area)
Downstairs (Free Weights Area)p Image 2020-07-27 at 13.46.27
Upstairs (Cardio and Resistance Machines)
Upstairs (Cardio and Resistance Machines)
Upstairs (Cardio and Resistance Machines)
Bodyflex Gym
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