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Private Mini Studio for All Beginner Clients

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

First Meeting

When Daniel first signed up for Dales Nutri-Fitness for 1-2-1 personal training, he was extremely nervous and anxious coming to the gym. One of his main barriers to exercising and achieving his desired health and fitness goals was his lack of confidence within a gym facility. Taking this into consideration, we began Dan’s sessions in a private setting in Dale's mini studio gym, based in Quedgeley. During these first initial sessions, Dan was able to develop his confidence with exercising and began to learn some basic exercise techniques together with the correct form of movements. This facilitated Dan to move efficiently, increase his performance, lower the risk of injury and enable him to have a full range of motion in all his performed exercises.

Building Confidence to Train at Bodyflex Gym

After just 10 weeks, Dan was able to continue his se ssions in a fitness facility, Bodyflex Gym in Quedgeley. This was a huge success for Dan as he moved out of his comfort zone and gained the confidence to exercise in a fitness facility. Dan’s self-confidence has increased tremendously alongside gaining a sense of accomplishment. During Dan’s 1-1 sessions in the gym, we continued the same exercise routine to ensure he felt comfortable performing these exercises and felt confident enough to progress and extend his current training regime. This is when we pushed his training to the next level!

Bench Press: Started with 20kg (Bar) and now he can Bench Press 60kg for 10 repetition

Dan began performing a range of exercises such as Squats, Deadlifts and Bench Press to begin introducing progressive overload into his 1-1 sessions. Through this, Dan was able to increase the demand for his muscles, increase the intensity of his workout routine by modifying his current programme. Introducing more exercises into Dan’s workout routine, enabled him to develop his confidence in performing a variety of exercises alongside enhancing his overarching health and fitness goals. With Dan’s persistent dedication and ongoing motivation and support from myself, he can now Bench Press 60kg (for repetitions!) and is now, bigger and fitter than he has ever been! Dan is continuing his sessions and is achieving a full body transformation, embedded in dedication, achievable goals and commitment.

FREE Consultation at our Private Setting

Do you want to start your fitness journey but too anxious to get started in a gym. We got you covered with our private setting 1-2-1 personal training to ensure you feel safe with no judgement. Book a FREE consultation at our private setting based in Quedgeley with Dale or Megan to begin your very own fitness journey.

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