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Should You Weigh Yourself to Measure Your Fat Loss and Overall Health?

Bodyweight is often used to determine your fitness or fat loss progression. The weight scales you stand on every morning; feeling disheartened when numbers are not changing in the right direction, are not the answer! When people attempt to change their physique and do not see pounds dropping off week by week, this may result in losing motivation, binging on junk food, or quitting a plan altogether!

Dale advises you to not be concerned with the numbers anymore, who cares about numbers anyway! The truth is when it comes to achieving your health and fitness goals, the weighing scales can become a disaster for you when measuring your success on your fitness journey. Dale demands you put away any weighing scales in your house because no matter how hard you are training, or how well you are eating, the scales cannot measure some of the important things when it comes to your body, health and well-being.

Things the weight scales CANNOT measure:-

· Your Fitness Level

· Your Performance

· Your Energy Level

· Your Strength Gains

· Changes In Your Body Composition

· Fat Loss

· Lean Muscle Gain

· Your Sense of Achievement

· Your Confidence

· Your Happiness

· Your Mood/Emotional well-being

A quick, easy and accurate way that Dale can track your fat loss progress is by using body fat calipers to measure your body fat, unlike the scales, it will demonstrate how much of your weight is fat and how much is muscle. Another effective way Dale will monitor and track your progress is to record your waist and hip measurements with a tape measure, making sure you are succeeding the right way.

Body fat measurement can be useful for tracking your weight-loss progress, however, Dale believes the best motivational tool for measuring your progress is taking photos of your body. Dale’s advice is to take pictures weekly front, back and side with skin showing. This will demonstrate your true progress and keep you motivated to continue your fitness journey, as sometimes the mirror may start to play tricks on you and you convince yourself you haven’t changed. Give yourself 90 days from now and this will make each day count as you only have 7 days before your next photo. Be consistent and the results you want will happen. Once you have achieved your results, it is a lot easier to maintain your physique.

Are you looking for a structured, scientific training and nutrition regime to boost you on the right tracks? Whatever your goal maybe…Book your FREE in-depth consultation to discuss your health and fitness goals and Dale can start you on the right tracks.

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