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Dale Ward

Owner & Head Trainer

Dale has worked with thousands of clients from the complete beginner, teaching clients how to perform each exercise correctly, to more advanced work incorporating circuit training, supersets and high explosive movements. This ensures that clients feel satisfied, burn as many calories as possible and feel a natural high that only working out and self-improvement can provide. Dale has also trained clients ready for the police force and navy by using standardised fitness tests to help them accomplish their goals through persoanlised training and nutirional guidance.


Life is about balancing your fitness lifestyle, keeping fit, healthy and strong, but also enjoying social events, seeing family and eating out. Dale will ensure you can do both, guilt-free and he will teach you everything you need to know to fit your lifestyle around your health and fitness goals. Every client that attends personal training with Dale receives a personalised training plan and nutirional guidance to suit their lifestyle. As a result, Dale focuses on not only improving his clients physical health and body image, but their emotional well-being too. This enables clients to feel comfortable talking and training with Dale to minimise any obstacles, ensuring each client is happy and comfortable in achieving their individualised health and fitness goals. 

Dale started his health and fitness journey as he was fed up of living a life of mediocrity, with fear destroying his true potential, interpersonal skills fading away and most importantly, not feeling proud when he looked in the mirror. Dale decided to change not only his physical appearance, but also his mentality in life through health and fitness. He believed that health and fitness are the key to success in any endeavour you have in life and wanted to share his passion, knowledge and experiences with others with the hope of changes their lives too. 

Dale wants to give the best possible service for personal training and decided to enhance his education with a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Exercise, Health and Fitness. He also signed up with Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) to ensure his clients have access to the very best information, backed up with the latest scientific evidence to achieve guaranteed results. Dale specialises in fitness, nutrition and full body transformation, and his philosophy in personal training is to transform and inspire clients to reach their true potential, physiologically and psychologically, by transforming their bodies and mind-set.


Why Personal Training? Dale believes he has transformed his life for the better through fitness and he wants to give back to others, to help them achieve the same results - the results of being unstoppable!

Dale is looking forward to working with you and together, will overcome any obstacles and  conquer those health and fitness goals you have always wanted. 


Qualifications & Certificates:

 • BSc (Hons) Exercise, Health and Fitness (Level 6)

 • Personal Trainer - REPS (Level 3)

 • Extended Diploma Sport, Development, Coaching and Fitness (Level 3)

 • Fitness Instructing - NCFE (Level 2)

 • Group Indoor Cycling - QCF (Level 2)

 • Circuit Training - QCF (Level 2)

 • Group Teaching Skills - QCF (Level 2)

 • First Diploma Sports Studies, Exercise and Fitness - BTEC (Level 2)


Areas of Expertise:

 • Full Body Transformation

 • Weight Loss / Fat Loss

 • Strength and Conditioning

 • Build Lean Muscle

 • Mobility and Flexibility

 • Core Conditioning

 • Functional Strength

 • Lifestyle Coach

 • Nutrition and Weight Management

 • Fitness Classes

 • Specialised training services (police, navy, miltary)

 • Sports Performance/Specific

 • Emotional Intelligence and Empathy

 • Constant Motivation

 • Supportive and Loyal

 • Focuses on Health and Wellbeing

 • Easy-going and approachable nature




Personal Trainer

As a child, I had a passion for sports and an active lifestyle. As a certified level 3 personal trainer, I am excited to channel my passion into results. For many years, I had struggled to feel confident in myself and was constantly fixated on a low carb, yo-yo' type of diet, which ultimately led to minimal results and developed poor self-esteem, confidence and malnutrition. Ten years later, I joined a gym, and, as cliche as it may sound, I fell in love with health and fitness. I began to suppress results and progress that I had never seen before. When you FEEL GOOD, you EXCEL in life. 

I love to help others transform themselves through fitness as I am incredibly passionate about helping others achieve their health and fitness goals, and I thoroughly enjoy working with beginners and those who may have failed in the past because I was once there, too! Nothing is impossible. As well as a personal trainer, I am a primary school teacher as I have always thrived on making a difference in peoples lives, whether teaching pupils at school or coaching adults embarking on a health and fitness journey. Teaching has given me many transferrable qualities, such as communication, organisation and coaching skills. With such a demanding job, I turned to fitness to help me 'switch off and focus on the importance of my mental health and well-being. I aim to help others achieve their goals and live a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. I create bespoke training and nutrition plans based on my client's wants and needs, guiding you on how to perform exercises correctly and safely, providing you with a wealth of knowledge and experience and challenging and motivating you to push yourself further. So, if you are battling with your self-confidence and unsure where to start on your health and fitness journey, let me help you! 

I want to help as many people as possible to feel excellent about themselves and reach those goals, as I know how incredible it is once you do that! Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and exercise is the best way to relieve stress, feel good about yourself and move your body in ways you enjoy!

Together, we can suppress your desires, and YOU CAN achieve the results you have always wanted! Don't start tomorrow; start today and smile tomorrow. 

Specialist areas:

  • Body confidence

  • Full Body Transformation

  • Body fat reduction

  • Nutritional guidance

  • Muscle tone and development

  • Weight loss

  • Strength Training


  • Certified level 3 - Personal trainer

  • Certified level 2 - Gym instructor

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