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Fitness Goal: Lose Body Fat, Build Lean Muscle, Fitter and Stronger. 

Age: 20s


Weight (St): 9.6 – 8.7

Waist (Inch): 28.4 - 25.7

Body Fat Percentage: 27.8% (Healthy Range) - 17% (Healthy Range)


Weekly Personal Training Sessions:  1 x Weekly 'Couples Personal Training Package'


"I’ve been with Dale for 5 months now. When Lee and I first started we thought we would do a pack of 10 sessions, possibly 2. But now we are on our 3rd and we’ve caught the bug! In that time he’s helped me totally transform my body, from head to toe! He has a very natural, encouraging personality which makes you want to push yourself even more. Dale sets realistic and achievable goals so that each week counts and the nutritional support has been amazing. Now that he has published a recipe book it’s even easier to know what clean carbs are and how to keep that body fat percentage nice and low. Dale, it’s a pleasure to continue working with you. Thanks for all of you support so far!"

Since signing up with Dale, Tia has now mastered body weight exercises such as Press Ups, Dips and Chin Ups which are not easy to perform. She has dropped a tremendous amount of body fat making her physique look really lean and tight. Tia has achieved the ultimate way of becoming leaner, stronger and healthier!!

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