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Martyn and John’s Story on How They Lost 115lbs!

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Before Martyn and John started personal training with Dale and turned their lives around, they had been struggling with their weight for many years. Their sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits had spiraled out of control, leaving them feeling helpless and defeated. Constantly having to buy larger clothes seemed like an inevitable reality for them. However, one day, they both had a wake-up call when they caught a glimpse of themselves in the mirror, struggling to catch their breath after climbing a few flights of stairs.

John, weighing in at 15 stone and 2 pounds, not only battled with his weight but also developed type 2 diabetes. He found himself having to rely on daily medication, feeling trapped and hopeless in the face of this devastating nightmare. On the other hand, Martyn experienced major depression and had deep-seated self-loathing due to his appearance. He reached a breaking point when he stepped onto the scale and saw the number 17 stone and 2 pounds staring back at him, causing him great distress and humiliation. In addition to their other struggles, Martyn faced another distressing situation. As he eagerly lined up for a thrilling rollercoaster ride, he soon discovered that the harness would not lock in place due to his size. The disappointing and humiliating experience served as a stark reminder that they both urgently needed professional assistance to improve their lives.

It was at this critical juncture that Martyn and John decided it was time to make a change. They enlisted the help of Dale, a personal trainer who would become their guiding force in transforming their lives for the better.

Personal Training in Action

Their journey with Dale as their personal trainer started off as a delightful surprise. Dale's unwavering support, motivation, and genuine passion for their progress ensured that they were on the right track, following their personalised training and nutrition regimen. Even during times when they stumbled or faced difficulties with certain exercises, Dale remained a constant source of encouragement and guidance.

Their eating habits were meticulously examined, and Martyn and John found themselves personally motivated to make positive changes. The results of their hard work and dedication speak volumes. John, who was previously diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, is now free of the condition. Not only that, but he has also shed an impressive 33 pounds of fat, built muscle, and significantly increased his strength, exemplified by his impressive bench press of 55kg for 10 repetitions.

Similarly, Martyn's transformation is nothing short of extraordinary. Having lost a remarkable 82 pounds of fat, he now feels fitter, stronger, and healthier than ever before. In a testament to his incredible progress, Martyn even completed a half marathon with an impressive time of 2 hours and 11 minutes.

Their unwavering dedication and perseverance over the span of two years allowed them to conquer their worst nightmares and achieve a complete full-body transformation. Martyn and John are living proof that with the right guidance, support, and determination, anyone can overcome their obstacles and achieve incredible personal growth.

Martyn and John's Training and Nutrition

Dale started their training journey by focusing on teaching them the fundamental compound exercises. He emphasized the importance of using controlled motions and maintaining perfect form, prioritizing their safety above all else. This approach ensured that Martyn and John could gradually progress without the risk of injury.

To optimize their fat burning potential, Dale incorporated High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) into their workouts. Recognizing the effectiveness of this training method, he carefully selected the appropriate exercises for this intense protocol. The great thing about HIIT is that it can be tailored to any individual, regardless of age or fitness level, making it accessible for everyone.

In addition to strength and endurance training, Dale also stressed the significance of flexibility. He recognized that often overlooked, flexibility is crucial for overall physical well-being. Flexible muscles not only make everyday activities easier but can also contribute to reducing the risk of injuries and lower back pain.

Turning their attention to nutrition, Dale ensured that Martyn and John had a reasonable intake of protein. Protein plays a critical role in muscle repair and growth, supporting their progress in strength training. Meanwhile, carbohydrates were highlighted as essential in fueling their workouts, providing the energy needed for optimal performance.

Through a comprehensive approach to training and nutrition, Dale ensured that Martyn and John had all the tools necessary to achieve their goals and transform their bodies. By emphasizing form, incorporating HIIT, promoting flexibility, and emphasizing proper nutrition, he guided them toward long-lasting results and an improved quality of life.

Martyn's Testimonial

"I spent years trying every fad diet but only gained weight, I was very depressed and hated the way I looked. I was fed up of buying bigger and bigger clothes, after a very embarrassing incident trying to lock my harness on a rollercoaster I realised I needed help. I have been having PT sessions will Dale for 12 months now and it's the best thing I have done. I have lost nearly 5 stone, I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been. I have gone from getting out of breath walking up a flight of stairs to be able to run 8 miles and have registered for a half marathon next year. Dale is a very positive person he never makes me feel bad if I fall off the food wagon or struggle with an exercise he is always encouraging. His workouts are never boring and are full of variety. I know I would have given up when it got tough a long time ago but Dale always pushes me on and to go further. He is very knowledgeable and full of great advice and tips. He is also a great guy. I cannot recommend him enough. If you are reading this thinking I won't be able to do it, if I can anyone can and Dale will be there every step of the way. I can honestly say he has changed my life".

Fitness Goal: Loss weight, Toned Up and increase Fitness 

Age: 49

Weight: 17.2 to 11.4

Waist (Inch): 47' to 33.5'

Jean Size: 42 to 32

Body Fat Percentage: 40% (Obese) to 19% (Healthy Range)

Weekly Personal Training Sessions: 2 x Weekly Couples Training

John's Testimonial 

"I started in October 2015 and have been with Dale as my PT since early 2016. I haven't looked back since and have often thought why I didn't I start all of this years before as the benefits and the way I feel about myself since starting have been tremendous. Before starting I was getting steadily heavier and heavier. I lied to myself that I could control my weight if I wanted too and imagined I was lighter than I really was. I just put it down to getting older and taking no exercise. Buying clothes in a larger size every time was just of those things. It seemed like a big awakening when I finally took a real look at myself in the mirror one day and took notice of how breathless I was just climbing a few flights of stairs. Starting off was a real surprise! I thought I'd get loads of put-downs and feel even worse about myself but the reverse was true! I got loads of encouragement with plans set up for regular exercise and improved diet. Even my humble attempts at the beginning were met with positive responses. My diet habits were looked into and I felt personally motivated to change things around. So, today, after a year I've lost loads of weight and my fitness levels have improved beyond anything I could have thought possible and I look and feel so much better about myself. I'll be honest and say it hasn't been a straightforward journey. There have been hurdles such as xmas, full-board holidays and other events. Life I suppose! My feelings are though that it's all under control, even the step backs get turned around. The way I feel about myself now both mentally and physically has given me a real can-do attitude. I know I couldn't have done this without Dale. He's given me so much advice and encouragement, for exercise and diet, over the months and is really knowledgeable and professional. I do weekly gym sessions with Dale plus weekly indoor and outdoor fit camp sessions as well. Dale is always positive and upbeat and I feel motivated by him to continue and I'm really glad to have him as my PT. I've quite a way to go yet to reach my personal target that we've discussed and with Dale I know I'll get there thank goodness. Loving it all !!!".

Fitness Goal: Loss Fat, Build Muscle, Become Fitter and Stronger.

Age: 59 

Weight: 15.2 to 12.11

Waist (Inch): 42.5' to 34'

Jean Size: 40 to 32

Body Fat Percentage: 34% (Obese) to 15.9% (Healthy Range)

Weekly Personal Training Sessions: 2 x Weekly Couples Training

Their story serves as an inspiration to others who may be facing similar struggles. It demonstrates that with the right support system and a resilient mindset, anyone can achieve incredible transformations and reach their desired goals. Martyn and John's journey is a powerful reminder that perseverance and determination are key ingredients in the recipe for success.

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