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Dale’s Client Was So Inspired, She Decided to Change Her Career!

Office Job to Personal Trainer

Rachel has achieved some astonishing results training with Dale. However, Rachel's lifestyle before she started personal training with Dale was fairly sedentary, unhappy with her level of fitness and how she looked, with no idea where she was going in life. Running more than 100 metres would give her an asthma attack, clothes never fitted properly, she struggled with low confidence and anxiety and generally felt rubbish about herself. Rachel started personal training and this opened up a whole world of possibilities, with everything she did. With expert support and guidance from Dale, she improved her quality of life. It literally has turned her life around and she wants to be able to share that with others who are in the same place before she started training. 

Rachel can now Deadlift an sensational weight of 90 kilograms, Squat 60kg and Bench Press 40kg. She now competes in marathons, extreme obstacle courses and Dale's intense personal training challenges. She has lost a satisfying 36lbs, body sculptured and amazingly, qualified as a personal trainer. She has totally changed her life around because of personal training with Dales NutriFitness. Rachel continues to train with Dale as she is very committed to maintaining this weight, improve performance and never have to deal with being overweight again!

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