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5 Tips on Achieving A Body Transformation and Still Enjoy Social Events

Weekend nutrition can be challenging.

It is very easy to cancel out the deficit you have created during the week, on the weekends. Which is going to result in zero progress on the scales. Remember, the main factor for losing body fat is eating fewer calories than your body needs (Calorie Deficit).

Don’t let this be you this weekend!

Here are 5 easy tips to adapt your nutrition if you are eating out this weekend.

Tip #1 - Tell People About Your Transformation

We don’t want to discourage dining out, however many clients find the social or networking pressure difficult and give in to having a few drinks.

A quick conversation is all that is needed to gain support and stay on track.

Tip #2 - You Choose The Restaurant

If possible make the choice of restaurant yourself, take the lead and select one in your favour. If that isn’t possible look to see the menu before you arrive so you already know what you will choose, that will keep you on track.

Tip #3 - Select Your Meal

Identify a protein source, the number 1 rule is to make sure that protein is the main component of the meal.

A steak for example is a protein rich meal, whereas protein is just a topping on a pizza!

If possible choose the leanest source for example a fillet steak over a ribeye or sirloin.

Tip #4 - Adapt Your Nutrition Before Hand

Hidden calories are what the chefs use to make the meals taste better, this comes in the form of using ingredients like oil, butter and cream.

So dining out there will always be more calories than the same meal prepared at home.

On the days when dining out having already took tip number 3 into account. Work out how many calories this meal will take up of your daily target.

You then know how many calories you can consume during the day before you go out.

Tip #5 - Enjoy Your Meal

Remember to enjoy yourself. Be proud of your effort in making sure you are present at social or work occasions whilst not falling off the wagon!

Need More Accountability and Support on Your Fitness Journey?

Book a FREE consultation with Dale or Megan to discuss your health and fitness goals in detail and we can put a plan of action together. We will do everything in our power to help you and guide you with your nutrition and training to achieve your health and fitness goals and live the life you have always wanted.

Looking forward in starting your personal fitness journey together.

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