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Fitness Goal: Loss Fat, Build Muscle, Become Fitter and Stronger. 

Age: 30s

Height (Ft): 5.7’

Starting Weight (St): 13.1 to 10.8

Waist (Inch): 37’ to 30.4’

Dress Size: 16 to 8

Body Fat Percentage: 41% (Obese) to 11.2% (Healthy Range)

Weekly Personal Training Sessions: 2 x Weekly '1-2-1 Personal Training Package'

“I had always been fairly sedentary, unhappy with my level of fitness and how I looked and with no idea where I was going on life. Running more than 100 metres would give me an asthma attack, clothes never fit properly, I struggled with low confidence and anxiety and generally felt crap about myself. Starting PT opened a whole world of possibilities, where everything you do – with the support and guidance of someone who knows what they’re doing – improves your quality of life. It literally has turned my life around and I want to be able to share that with others who are in the same place that I was in just under a year ago; if I can help even one person feel like they can take control of their life and make lasting improvements and changes, it would be a massive honour to be part of that process”.

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