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Fitness Goal: Loss Fat, Build Muscle, Become Fitter and Stronger. 

Age: 40s

Height (Ft): 5.5’

Starting Weight (St): 17.2 to 12.2

Waist (Inch): 47’ to 35.5’

Jean Size: 42 to 32

Body Fat Percentage: 41% (Obese) to 21.4% (Healthy Range)

Weekly Personal Training Sessions: 2 x Weekly 'Couples Personal Training Package'

I spent years trying every fad diet but only gained weight, I was very depressed and hated the way I looked. I was fed up of buying bigger and bigger clothes, After a very embarrassing incident trying to lock my harness on a rollercoaster I realised I needed help. I have been having PT sessions will Dale for 12 months now and it’s the best thing I have done. I have lost nearly 5 stone, I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been. I have gone from getting out of breath walking up a flight of stairs to be able to run 8 miles and have registered for a half marathon next year. Dale is a very positive person he never makes me feel bad if I fall off the food wagon or struggle with an exercise he is always encouraging. His workouts are never boring and are full of variety. I know I would have given up when it got tough a long time ago but Dale always pushes me on and to go further. He is very knowledgeable and full of great advice and tips. He is also a great guy. I cannot recommend him enough. If you are reading this thinking I won’t be able to do it, if I can anyone can and Dale will be there every step of the way. I can honestly say he has changed my life.

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