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Fitness Goal: Loss Fat, Build Muscle, Become Fitter and Stronger. 

Age: 20s

Height (Ft): 5.10’

Starting Weight (St): 15.8 to 10.11

Waist (Inch): 43.3’ to 31.0'

Body Fat Percentage: 26.3% (Obese) to 11.2% (Healthy Range)

Weekly Personal Training Sessions: 3 x Weekly '1-2-1 Personal Training Package'

It’s not about hiring someone to count your reps and baby sit you. It’s about being taken to a place you’ve never been before every single session and that is exactly what Kevin did to help him take his physique to the next level. Kevin started training with Dale after a FREE in-depth consultation and committed to train Kevin at 6AM. Week by week Dale monitor his training and nutrition to ensure he gets the most out of both and now he is happier than ever before. Every aspect in his health and fitness has improve dramatically. Personal training kept him motivated and consisted and this is where most people go wrong.  Are you ready to transform your body? Contact Dale today to get a free consultation set up!


Dale has helped me no end to loose the unwanted weight I needed to loose in a short period of time.

He has not only helped me to loose weight but has also made me gain confidence in myself to be able to achieve my goals and feel confidence in my body as well. I look forward to each session and setting new goals and achievements. I would highly recommend him as a PT to anyone as he helps me to set realistic goals and motivates me to achieve them.

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