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Karen and Kayte


Karen - Fitness Goal: Lose Body Fat, Tone Up, Fitter and Healthier

Kayte - Fitness Goal: Gain Weight, Build Muscle.


Karen - Age: 40s

Kayte – Age: Teens


Karen - Starting Weight (St): 11.12.8 – 11.0

Kayte - Starting Weight (St): 7.3 – 7.11


Karen - Waist (Inch): 39 – 34.4

Kayte - Waist (Inch): 26.4 - 29


Karen - Body Fat Percentage: 37% (Obese) – 32.2% (Healthy Range)

Kayte - Body Fat Percentage: 18% (Healthy Range) – 18.6% (Heathy Range)


Weekly Personal Training Sessions: 1 x Weekly 'Couples Personal Training Package'

Karen White

“For someone who hasn't done any proper exercise since primary school, I can honestly say I was dreading going but Dale has been very encouraging and supportive. I can't believe quite how much I am enjoying the experience despite the pain the next day. There is no pressure and the only targets there are, are the ones you start to set yourself in a bid to beat your previous times/scores. Many of my friends and family can't quite believe Dale convinced me to sign up and I can honestly say now I'm hooked!! I'm loving it!!

Kayte Wall

"I joined Dales NutriFitness 8 weeks ago and I’ve loved my workouts there. He pushes me to do things I wouldn’t do on my own and I feel so much more motivated. He’s encouraging and supportive and I would definitely recommend. Looking forward to the rest of the sessions to come!

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