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Fitness Goal: Build Lean Muscle, Healthy Weight Gain, Increase Strength and Look Bigger in T-shirts 

Age: 20s

Starting Weight (kg): 11:6 to – 12.11

Body Fat Percentage: 

Weekly Personal Training Sessions: 1 x 1-2-1 Personal Training Package'

"Starting out I had trouble building muscle and finding the motivation to carry on. But when I started with Dale, he planned our first sessions to help find out what the most effective workout routines and proper foods worked BEST for ME. After that, each session Dale has been pushing me to my limits and over. With Various types of workouts and teaching me different techniques I can do on my own. Dale has really Boosted my confidence in going the gym after slowly starting to see results which I would never had achieved without Dale. I Highly recommend Dale as a PT to anyone looking to achieve their Goals."

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