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Jack's Transformation



Fitness Goal: Lose Body Fat, Become Healthier, Build Lean Muscle 

Age: 20s

Starting Weight (kg): 19:13 to – 16.12

Waist (Inch): 49.3 - 46

Body Fat Percentage: 32.3% (Obese) –  25.9% (Overweight)

Weekly Personal Training Sessions: 2 x 1-2-1 Personal Training Package'

Like many of our clients before him, Jack had struggled with body-image for a large proportion of his life. ⁠

Changing years upon years of bad habits took a concerted effort from both the client and his trainer, Dale. ⠀⁠


Jack has set new positive habits, which he now believe are lifetime habits. He also states he has so much more energy from  nutrient boosted foods he consumes, plus he is calmer and happier.

If you’re ready to make big changes to your fitness and wellbeing, book a free consultation today! 

"I have been wanting to lose weight for years but never had the confidence to get to the gym and start, since joining with dale he has been great in and outside the gym providing me with meal plans and workouts. I have lost 28lbs so far and haven’t looked back. I would definitely recommend dale as a trainer as he always keeps the energy levels up and gets you where you want to be."

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