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Fitness Goal: Lose Body Fat, Tone Up, More Active

Age: 40s

Starting Weight (St): 16.7 to – 16.3

Waist (Inch): 42 - 39

Body Fat Percentage: 30.5% (Obese) – 27% (Overweight)

Weekly Personal Training Sessions: 1 x Couples Personal Training Package'

Harry and his best friend James signed up to couples personal training for the hope of becoming leaner, stronger and develop good habits and make them stick. 

Harry struggled with his life-long sweet tooth and didn’t have the education he needed on food and nutrition to build the body he’d always wanted.⁠ Harry lived a sedentary lifestyle as he is a lorry driver so this made things even harder for him.

Dale was determined to help Harry and take control of his diet and build a lean, muscular physique, adding kgs of muscle and stripping his body fat levels lower.


With the support of Dale and his Private Clientele WhatsApp Group, he has incredibly achieve the body he has always wanted. Harry's Fitness Journey will continue to improve himself and overall well-being  ⠀⁠

If you need support with your fitness goals, book yourself a free consultation today. 

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