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Fitness Goal: Lose Body Fat, Tone Up

Age: 20s

Starting Weight (St): 11.10 – 11.3

Waist (Inch): 36.5 – 31

Body Fat Percentage: 33.5% (Overweight) – 25.8% (Healthy Range)

Weekly Personal Training Sessions: 2 x Weekly 'Couples Personal Training Package'

"I've been going to the gym for a while but haven't really been seeing results and started to feel unmotivated by what to do, so me and mum decided to get in touch with Dale, we've only been with him a month but I'm starting to see changes already, I can feel myself getting stronger, my squats have improved and my clothes are fitting better already! Even better that we really enjoy the training sessions, I feel so much more motivated now, I definitely recommend Dale, he definitely knows what he's talking about and pushes you further than you thought you could go! I look forward to keep training with Dale to get fitter and shift this body fat! I'm so glad I started, no looking back now!.

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