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Fitness Goal: Loss Body Fat, Tone Up, Create Good Habits, Become Healthier and Boost Self Esteem and Well-Being.

Age: 20s

Starting Weight (KG): 71.6 to 67.2

Body Fat Percentage: 42% (Overweight) to 25% (Healthy Range)

Weekly Personal Training Sessions: 2 x Weekly 'Couples Personal Training Package'

Bianca reached out to Dales Nutrifitness to join couples 1-1 sessions with her partner, Adrian. They both wanted to achieve a full-body transformation physically and emotionally. Within their personal training sessions, Dale focuses on full body workouts which include compound lifts and strength training, to improve their cardiovascular endurance. Both Bianca and Adrian have already achieved fantastic results, including their strength training which has progressed phenomenally.  They attend personal training sessions twice a week and are both extremely happy with their results which has given them both internal motivations to persevere and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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