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Fitness Goal: Loss Body Fat, Improve Mobility, Become Healthier, Create Good Eating Habits, Reduce Knee Pain.

Age: 40s

Starting Weight (St): 19:10 to 17:10

Waist (Inch): 47’ to 40’

Body Fat Percentage: 50% (Obese) to 35% (Overweight)

Weekly Personal Training Sessions: 2 x Weekly 'Couples Personal Training Package'

Amanda reached out to Dales Nutrifitess back in early 2022 to drastically change her lifestyle. Amanda was informed by her Doctor of medical conditions that have developed over the years due to her lifestyle and body composition. After an initial consultation to discuss Amanda’s health and fitness goals, the personal training sessions consisted of full body resistance training, mobility and cardiovascular health to improve Amanda’s health and well-being. Amanda has lost over 2 stone since starting with Dale and her confidence in terms of her knowledge around health and fitness alongside her body image, has improved tremendously.  Amanda is continuing her health and fitness journey with Dale with personalised training sessions, in depth nutritional guidance and emotional well-being mentoring.

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