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Alan. M



Fitness Goal: Loss Body Fat, Improve Mobility, Become Healthier, Create Good Eating Habits, Reduce Knee and Wrist Pain

Age: 40s

Starting Weight (St): 19:10 to 15:13

Waist (Inch): 46’ to 38’

Body Fat Percentage: 50% (Obese) to 35% (Overweight)

Weekly Personal Training Sessions: 2 x Weekly 'Couples Personal Training Package'

Alan started with Dales Nutrifitness after a knee injury, causing difficulty in walking and everyday working life. Alan wanted to not only overcome his injury but wanted to make a positive difference in his lifestyle and eating habits. Since 2022, Alan has lost 33 pounds and his knee injury is improving every session. Alan is still on his journey with the help of Dale, to achieve his set health and fitness goals.

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