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Fitness Goal: Lose Body Fat, Lose Weight, Become Healthier, Build Lean Muscle 

Age: 20s

Starting Weight (kg): 27.7 to – 24.0

Waist (Inch): 

Body Fat Percentage: 

Weekly Personal Training Sessions: 1 x 1-2-1 Personal Training Package'

AJ came to Dale to seek help and didn't know where to start. This is the hardest part of any fitness journey is making that first move, congratulations to AJ for making that move. AJ has increased his strength, flexibility and lost a ton of body fat so far. He will continue his fitness jounery and will conquer a full body transformation and finally live the life he has always wanted which is a healthy lifestyle with confidence within himself. 

AJ's Review
"I've been working with Dale since April 2021 and although the weight is coming off slowly, in all honesty it's been quite fun as I've learned a lot of new techniques and I don't get tired from walking a long time like I used too, it'll be much better in the long run once my weight loss and transformation is complete"

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